Sidian, Ersatz & Vanes

MEL02 - SEV10 Short-Sleeve

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MEL02 is an understated, yet exceptionally detailed button-down in a distinctive, mute grey. Constructed from custom-woven Melange Yarn, it features a subtle vertical striation, characteristic of plant tissue under a macro-lens. Light in weight it is the perfect shirt for summer globe-trotting schedules and lazy, al fresco Sundays under sunlight.  

SEV10 is our Short Sleeve summer shirt. A slimmer fit, streamlined by two constructional darts at the back, it features our characteristic duo of chest pockets, mother of pearl buttons and is expertly finished with our signature, triangular SEV woven label, hidden on the underside of the placket. 

The shirt is carefully designed to be worn in two distinctive ways. With the top button open, the wearer can achieve a style not too dissimilar to that of a bowling-shirt, circa 1976, or with the top button fastened, a clean, contemporary collar of minimalist empowerment. Daytime/evening versatility? The choice is yours…