Sidian, Ersatz & Vanes

DOB05 - SEV08

*Key AW14 Collection Piece*

The DOB05 translates a Geometrical Optical Illusion in full Jacquard - parallel straight dividing lines between staggered rows of alternating black and white “bricks”, apparent when viewed closely, appear slanted, when seen from further away - a.k.a theCafe Wall or Kindergarten illusion, discovered by Richard Gregory circa 1973.

Custom woven in a warm Portuguese Dobby Flannel, this shirt works perfectly sized up as an over shirt or true-to-size under a casual blazer.


- Black / Grey / Blue 

- Jacquard 'Cafe Wall' Illusion, Dobby Flannel Fabric

- Made in Portugal

- Hand Wash Cold Recommended 


SEV08 is our slim-fit shirt, streamlined by two constructional darts at the back, featuring a straight hem, two placed chest pockets, and mother of pearl buttons, expertly finished with our signature, triangular SEV woven label on the placket.