Sidian, Ersatz & Vanes by Sara Ludy

Created for SEV, BLUE_DITHER_SQUARE originally stems from a series of computer generated patterns designed for the production of textiles and rugs. BLUE_DITHER_SQUARE is inspired by the pixelated representations of domestic patterns found online, such as the images of ceramic and carpet tiles presented on corporate and home design websites; physical materials translated into immaterial digital images. For the SEV design, BLUE_DITHER_SQUARE displays a combination of the iconic working class blue color, along with a repeated noisy square texture, to embody the representation of a familiar domestic texture within a digital form.

Sara Ludy is a Vancouver based artist and musician whose work explores the confluence of virtual and real environments. Her work draws on a variety of formats including photography, 3D, video, animated gifs, sound, digital image making and live performance. She is a member of the online art collective Computers Club, WALLPAPERS, and the band Tremblexy. Recent exhibitions include The Black Lodge at Interstate Projects, Brooklyn NY; IRL at Western Front, Vancouver BC; Visual Rhythm at Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, Boulder CO; Dinca Vision Quest Chicago IL; BY_YOU_BY_ME_BY_WE at Twelve Around One, London UK; Video Violence at Kunsthaus Dresden, Dresden DE.