Sidian, Ersatz & Vanes


EXCLUSIVE : Sidian, Ersatz & Vanes blue/black cotton poplin shirt with graphical 'RIPPLE' print design by Canadian Digital Artist, Nicolas Sassoon.

SEV07 is our Classic Fit Shirt, featuring a curved hem, two perfectly-placed chest pockets, and mother of pearl buttons, expertly finished with our signature, triangular SEV woven label on the placket.


RIPPLE is a computer generated study of the water surface - a body of liquid agitated by the wind or by an undertow current. It originally exists in 2 different formats – animated gif and still digital image. RIPPLE uses very minimal means in terms of representation; single streaks of hard edge pixels laid in a specific order, moving slowly together. Because of this minimal nature, the resulting image constantly oscillates between abstraction and figuration. RIPPLE tries to evoke the complexity of a very natural phenomenon – the agitated surface of a body of water - through a highly artificial and minimal method of representation.

RIPPLE is part of a larger body of work called PATTERNS. PATTERNS is an on-going body of work where computer generated animations are produced using a specific optical phenomenon called moiré. A moiré is an optical phenomenon generated by the overlapping of 2 grids or images, creating the illusion of a third image. This phenomenon is often seen in nature, but it also applies to computer graphics since the existence of computer screens. This body of work focuses on the representation of the natural and the atmospheric – bodies of water, wind, snow, natural elements transcribed into pixelated patterns moving across the matrix of computer screens.