Sidian, Ersatz & Vanes


EXCLUSIVE : Sidian, Ersatz & Vanes blue/noise cotton-poplin shirt with checkered, graphical 'BLUE_DITHER_SQUARE' print design by Californian Digital Artist, Sarah Ludy. 

SEV07 is our Classic Fit Shirt, featuring a curved hem, two perfectly-placed chest pockets, and mother of pearl buttons, expertly finished with our signature, triangular SEV woven label on the placket.


Created for SEV, BLUE_DITHER_SQUARE originally stems from a series of computer generated patterns designed for the production of textiles and rugs. BLUE_DITHER_SQUARE is inspired by the pixelated representations of domestic patterns found online, such as the images of ceramic and carpet tiles presented on corporate and home design websites; physical materials translated into immaterial digital images. For the SEV design, BLUE_DITHER_SQUARE displays a combination of the iconic working class blue color, along with a repeated noisy square texture, to embody the representation of a familiar domestic texture within a digital form.