Sidian, Ersatz & Vanes by  Rafaël Rozendaal


Broken SEV is a site specially comissioned for Sidian, Ersatz and Vanes, adapted from Broken Self.

Broken Self started as a website. It is a simple idea: a white screen, and if you click, it falls to pieces. You hear the loud sound of glass shattering, the screen cracks into many pieces and you are left with a black background. If you click again, the same thing happens all over again but the falling pieces are black.

The website is a translation of the sensation of breaking a big piece of glass to the internet. The browser has it’s own specific characteristics and I try to make the most of that medium.

Later I was asked to participate in a group show of internet artists creating a sculture park. We were asked to think about “real space”. I decided to choose a big wall and put hundreds of old wine bottles in front of it. The audience was invited to throw bottles at the wall.

Now I was invited to bring my ideas to printed fabric. This version is closer to the website than to the sculptural version of Broken Self. I have always been fascinated with the process of abstraction in service of reproduction. When you think of old video games, fabric designs, woodblock prints, every time the artists had to find a way to simplify images to make them work in a easily reproducible manner.